TABLOIDBINTANG.COM - Say what you want but i swear it dont matter 
When i walk in the club there aint nobody badder
See the truth about me your girls a go getter 
And when u watch me move it dont get no better

Fresh out the box, im selling a mill 
Some people dream it, but i do this for real 
I do this for sport, like im ballin on court 
You dont want it I promise 
You'll see my body contort

Nobody keep your head bobbin quite like me 
On the dance floor rock your body like me 
Show u how to do it better get like me 
So whats it gonna be 
Whats it gonna be

Let me see you walk it out 
Wa-walk it out 
Wa-walk it out lets go
Let me see you walk it out 
Wa-walk it out 
Wa-walk it out lets go 
Let me see you walk it out
Wa-walk it out 
Wa-walk it out lets go 
Dont talk it out just walk it out 
Lets go

Stop all the talk i aint with all the chatter 
What u call competition i just greet it with laughter 
Complicated like chess but your more like some checkards 
Imma give you some help and let you dance to my records

Imma lay in the cut white you spinnin ya wheels 
Dont tell me thats all you got i can do that in heels 
20 year worth of trainin been dancing since i was born 
All i need is a mic and a stage and watch my body perform

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