TABLOIDBINTANG.COM - It's 2 am so why'd you stop the music?
I'm still swaying like I was on a cruise ship
Took the words straight out of my mouth
Come on everybody back to my house
Take my hand now, you're coming over
It doesn't matter you can sleep on my sofa
Bring some fags and bring some Rizla's
We're gonna party like it's nobody's business

Let your hair down now
It's the end of the week
And this is our time now
Let's forget everything
And put your glad rags on
Dressing up like we're queens of the night

We just wanna dance the night away
We don't give a damn what people say
We've had enough so turn it up
Tonight we're taking over
And we will drink 'til we lose our minds
Wanna lose sense of space and time
We're going through, It's how we do
Tonight we're taking over

I feel fly
I'm rocking kenzo
I'll get high
But I ain't doing benzos
I might dance like your auntie
I don't care cause we're here to party
I got a quite good record collection
Yeah I got everything that came out on Def jam
I've got hip hop, I've got dub-step
I'll take us right through from sunrise to sunset

Drink a little more and
Dance a little harder
Shout a little louder, if you like
Move a little faster
Stand a little taller
Do whatever makes you feel alright

Go hard
Go harder now
Go hard
Go harder now

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